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i was inspired by this song so i wrote a poem .


i have the ability to convert happy days from nights of crying,
I'm so good at it that i can do it without even trying.
I spend my time being a Friend, a father and a lover,
And it never once occurred to me that i was a Transformer.

I'm a type of guy who hates to see a tear in a woman's eye,
i hate to see a lady sad and i hate to see a lady cry.
I'm blessed with arms that can make a warm embrace,
I'm blessed with words that can bring smiles to one's face.
I always had the ability to make the darkest days brighter,
But it never occurred to me that i was a Transformer.

i never imagined that my love for my son would go so deep,
that it would make me worry for him when i dream in my sleep.
Never knew for someones life i would have so much love,
the reason why i try so hard is because he's the one im thinking of,
I kind of always knew that one day i would be a good father,
But it never occurred to me that i was a Transformer.

All my life i was the nice guy who finished last,
But i never regretted any decisions i made in my past.
I was always the guy who gave his heart and soul to a lady,
Even though i knew it was an open invitation for them to hurt me.
Even with the bad luck of my past relationships i will not stop being a Lover,
Because now i know and Understand that i am a Transformer.

Posted on 5:20 PM by Burick Graham
I was sitting at home just doing my thing, all of a sudden i just hear my phone ring.
It was a sexy lady on the other line, confessing to me that her body was mine.
she said "I'm tired of the games we play when we get near,
i told myself i wouldn't collapse under pressure but i don't care.
im tired of only kissing, touching and hugging,
im ready for some intimacy and some love making.
im tired of you making the hair on my neck stand tall,
and you leaving me while i run like a water fall.
im ready to get naked and express my feelings,
ready to start experiencing some sexual healing."
I was confused by the sudden confession,
so i just came out and hit her with the big question.
i said " i appreciate that you want to be my lover,
but i believe you made a mistake and called the wrong numbe

Everything she does in my life proves that she's my superwoman
From her criptonic love that weakens me like superman
Like the sun to the earth she brings light to my day
Like the sun to the earth she allows me to grow in every single way.
The strength of this woman is incomparable to all,
Sometimes I have to wonder if she is even human at all.
God willing our souls will forever fly high like doves,
And I pray I will for ever have this super duper love.

It's impossible to compare anything to the love we make,
Impossible to explain how much I yearn and just can't wait.
From the feel of your bottom lip as it's trapped in my own,
To the sounds that you make when ever you moan.
There's no way to describe the touch of your skin,
Or to tell you how it feels when my nature is within.
No way to show you how I feel when I see your face,
Or explain why I'm always longing for your warm embrace.
the only thing I can say is your all I dream and think of,
And I hope you keep blessing me with that super duper love

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Say something baby

you got me feeling good this feeling is so right,
I never had so much emotions in just one night.
Every single touch brings so much pleasure,
How the he'll could your ex get rid of this treasure.
I have no need for a break cause my nature standing tall,
All I want to do is dwell in ur castle as it run like a waterfall
I'm taking your pain as you scratch my back,
Your taking my pain as I beat up your back
All I hear is your moan and it sound so sexy,
But I wanna kno how much u love it so say something baby.

Say something baby #2
I'm Caught in a blur I don't know what to do,
I thought to be happy all I had to do is stay true.
This feeling in my heart is bringing so much pain,
This sucks cause I have to go through this shit again.
It seems like every time I open my heart I get stabbed in the back,
When you give your all u get taken advantage of and that's a fact.
Baby what did I do for you to betray me this way,
What else could I have done what else can I say.
All of this shit is driving me crazy,
So I'm gonna need you to say something baby.

Say something baby #2

I've loved a few ladies in my past but ur the first one,
If that's confusing I'll explain so you can overstand.
I never knew that my love for someone could be so great,
Never knew I'll believe in destiny or fate.
But you've opened my eyes to a whole new world,
You've got me believing that there's something as a good girl.
The feeling that you bring cannot be compared to anything in my past, 
a feeling that I yearn for and pray that will for ever last.
Even tho the love I've made in the past seemed so divine,
I will forever refer to our love As the first time.

i like you and there is no hiding the fact,
i know its hard to believe by the way i act.
I would love to show the real way i express my love,
Prove to you that your the only one i think of.
Your everything i ever wanted in that special person,
so rest assured that i would never try to hurt you.
I dont want to run you away or make you freak out,
i just want you to know how i feel without any doubt.
Everything about you is so beautiful to me,
every time i see you it sets my mind free.
What im hoping for is to make this thing last for a while,
So i can continuously go to sleep at night and dream about your smile.

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